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I liked my first comic because Superdog saved the day. I could have improved this comic with more actors/characters. I didn’t like the part when the mouse stole all the money.

Holiday at Dubai part 1

When we got to london Heathrow we were waiting for our gate to open to clogne.Are gate opened then we got on a bus to our plane.On the plane me and Justin slept when we woke up our ears were poping so much and it took 1 hour to get to clogne.When we got to clogne me and my dad went to the viewing deck and I saw an army plane coming back from battle then our gate opened from clogne to Dubai we got on the plane and it had tv’s and i wached the minions movie and cartoonnetwork.When we got off the plane my Auti and my uncle were there to pick us up then they drove us to their arpartment.

my own story

Once upon a time there was a brave,noble and strong knight who was called clark he carryed a strong kryptonite sword and wore a shiny diamond encrusted crown.Every night he would put his shiny crown in a safe with the rest of his jewels.At mid-night a red dragon with orange angry eyes and razor sharp claws dug into the safe and cracked it open within seconds then he rushed to his secret hideout in the dark gloomy cave.When clark woke up he reached for his crown and it was gone then clark ate his breakfast and got his shiny kryptonite sword and jumped on his horse and he rode as fast as flash when he got there he saw the monster and defeated the dragon and rode back into victory.


Me and Aydan  whent   Halloween  and  we did  apple  bobbing  and  put    are    face  in   the  icing   sugar   after   that   we    whent    trick or   treating  and   got   los    of      sweets.

kids and action

Me and Aydan went to kids and action and we kept on going .Me and Aydan  went to kids and  action  and we went on the purple slide. It  was fast  when  you  get  to  the  botoom   you  lay  down  you  have  to  cross   your arms

My superhero

My name is Bernard.My favourite superhero is Spider-man because he has a red  mask and my favourite colour is red.My favourite villain is sandman because he can turn into sand.And my least superhero is super man because he can only fly and punch.My least villain is Red Hulk because he’s big


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Our favourite superheroes

“My favourite superhero is Batman because he has really big super powers.” – Tia

“My favourite superhero is Spiderman because he shoots webs.” – Tamir

“My favourite superhero is Iron Man because he can fly.” – Alex

“My favourite superhero is Hulk because he smashes stuff.” – Levi

“My favourite superhero is Hulk because he can smash.” – Katy

“My favourite superhero is The Flash because he is very fast.” – Ellie Mai

“My favourite superhero is Hulk because he is strong.” – Alisha

“My favourite superhero is Spiderman because he shoots out webs.” – Meghan

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